4 Ways To Make Money From Home

Do you live in an area where there are few job opportunities?  Here are 4 ways you can earn money right from home.

My wife and I have been living in rural Missouri for over 2 decades.  And our desire is to move even further away from the city and the suburbs to live on a farm where we can be closer to nature.  We love the country!

But there is one problem people in rural areas have; namely low access to good paying jobs.  This means we have to either move to the city (not a viable option for us) or get very creative about earning money right from the old homestead.

That is the path we chose some 11 years ago, and it is still the path we walk today.

In the following article I will share 4 ways we have tried in order to earn money from home.  The first two are fairly easy and I believe most people can figure them out on their own.  The final two are a little more difficult, but I will hook you up with training if you decide to go this route.

So…with that being said, lets dive in!

Offer A Service In Your Local Community

This is the first option I chose when trying to find a way to earn money from home.  I sat down and figured out what skill sets I had which I could offer as marketable services to others in my community.

In my case I had a lawnmower, weed trimmer, a station wagon and some tools.  So I hired myself out as a lawncare guy and general handyman.

I ran some ads in the local newspaper, and later that week my phone began ringing.  I was able to book enough clients my first season to keep us off the streets.

I would spend 2 more seasons doing this line of work before finding something a little less physical on my part.  The work was tough (especially working outside mowing grass in July) but it helped to pay the bills.  Looking back…I’m glad I tried this method.

What skills do you have that you might be able to offer as a marketable service in your community?  You can try house sitting, pet sitting or any other activity you are good at and interested in pursuing.

Check your local laws and consider any insurance or liability protections you may need.  Then, set yourself up for business.

Online Selling Using An Established Platform

Another method we tried was selling products we had or made on platforms like Ebay and Etsy.  These platforms were already established as online marketplaces, so we had a built in community we could draw from when posting our first items for sale.

My wife and I tend to be pack-rats (um…I meant to say collectors) and we had a surplus of goods we could sell.  We sold CDs, DVDs, vintage and antique items, and crafting goods we made by hand.

For a while we shopped at local flea markets looking for things we could buy for a quarter, then clean up and resell for a few dollars.  We did well on some trades, and worse on others.  Eventually we moved away from this method and started selling digital products online.

Do you have a ready made supply of products you could be offering for sale on an already established platform?  If so find a platform you want to try and go for it.

Be careful with your shipping and handling costs as these things can eat your potential profits alive if you are not careful;  international shipping rates especially.  Do your research and get moving.

Affiliate Marketing

Eventually we tried the world of affiliate marketing where we could sell the products of others, earn a slight commission, and not have to worry about shipping and handling at all.  We found there were a few problems in this field such as learning the fine art of online marketing and social media marketing.

I struggled for a while trying to make my first sale, ending up only making a few pennies for my efforts.  But, over time, I learned a few tricks and found a great resource.

One mistake many make in affiliate marketing is focusing on low cost one time sales.  In doing this you end up working a great deal to make one sale, and then after that you have to find a new customer to earn more commissions.

One way around this problem is to focus on selling subscriptions that people will buy month after month earning you residual commissions.

Offers like these can be found on ClickBank and other platforms.  This way you do the work to get a sale, but have the chance to earn more than once.  Recurring monthly commissions are a great thing to have.

Other problems people have are trying to figure out how to build their own websites, e-commerce stores and the like.  I struggled for years learning about these things on my own.

Then I found a great resource called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 16 years helping online entrepreneurs get started.  They offer a ton of training as well as domains, hosting, websites, an affiliate plan of their own and fantastic community support.

You can get started with a free membership plan which includes a website and some basic instructions on how to get started.

More extensive Premium and Premium Plus plans are available bringing a lot more value to the budding entrepreneur.  If you want to check WA out, click my affiliate link below:

Try Wealthy Affiliate Free Here. 

Network Marketing

Network marketing is the last method I decided to try out, and it is the one I am most focused on developing at present.

Network marketing offers a far more lucrative compensation model than regular affiliate marketing as it rewards you for building productive sales teams by allowing you to earn bonuses based on the sales of your team members.

Over time this will start earning you a passive income based not only on your efforts, but also from the efforts of others. (The make money while you sleep syndrome)

But, there is a downside to Network Marketing which you do need to be aware of.  First of all It Is Not As Easy As Some Would Have You Believe!  It isn’t rocket science, but it’s not a walk in the park either.

So many people pay their monthly fees to get into a network marketing company only to feel lost, get frustrated and to eventually leave making zero profit.

Second, many people jump into network marketing thinking they can promote their offer on social media and make a bundle.  And, while this certainly is possible, many people really suck at social media marketing.

They spam their links endlessly, get blocked by potential prospects and end up spending time in Facebook Jail.  After this, folks usually quit in frustration.

Done correctly, the network marketing method can be extremely profitable.  I have heard of folks becoming 6 figure earners in their first year.

But, this comes after a lot of hard work as well as some guidance and training.  Many others fail to make a dime.  So…how can one improve their chances of success?

A resource I found and use myself is Power Lead System.

PLS offers many fine products such as an online marketing tool suite consisting of customizable sales funnels, email campaigns, an autoresponder and more.

Plus PLS offers fantastic training on how to get started and how to do social media marketing right.  The Endless Free Leads training by Max Steingart teaches you how to communicate with people on social media and see if they might be open to buying your opportunity.

The training has videos, scripts, social media guides…pretty much everything you will need to start mastering social media and set yourself up as an authority.

PLS also has a great support group where you can talk with people who have been around the system for a while.  This resource can help get you connected with top earners who can provide guidance to help you get moving and keep moving.

Now, network marketing is not for everyone.  But if you are willing to learn and grow and give the venture long-term commitment, you might be able to make it work for you.  The potential rewards are definitely worth it IMHO.

A great place to get started is Power Lead System.

By clicking my link below you will be redirected to a presentation/opt-in page in which one of our top earners shares his story; how he went from being 6 figures in debt to becoming financially free and independent in just 8 months.  Not exactly typical results, but it is an encouraging story of success showing what is possible to achieve with the right mindset.

Learn More About Power Lead System Here

So there you have it.  4 ways I have used to generate an income from home.  Find one that resonates with you and run with it.  Over the last decade I have been working my way to an ever increasing income.  My hope is that you can too.

Take Care,


I Wish I Had Known This Sooner…

The Lead Generation Academy.  New From Power Lead System

The Lead Generation Academy

You can spend eternity looking back and second guessing yourself.

And while I certainly do not wish to do that here, I will say that Lead Generation Academy is something I wish I had been able to use years ago.

With LGA I am learning things which are helping me take my business to the next level.

Things like:

How to generate quality leads on a regular basis.
How to master following up with your leads.
How to turn cold leads into hot leads.
How to build a rock star team.
The finer points of solo ads.
And so much more.

Lead Generation Academy already has over 30 hours of quality training, and new training is being added regularly.  Plus there is a Facebook group for the academy in which top marketers and trainers engage with newcomers answering questions and encouraging them to rise up in the online marketing space.  The value in this program is outstanding.

Although Lead Generation Academy is somewhat new, I wish I had had this resource when I first started my own online business years ago.  If I had known then what I am learning now…I’d a been crushing it in my companies long ago.

Lucrative Affiliate Plan

Lead Generation Academy also comes with a highly lucrative compensation plan.  Buy the product for only $105 per month, and you can resell the package and earn $90 commissions.  One has to be an affiliate of the Power Lead System to qualify, and there are other finer details as well.  This is all explained very clearly on their sales page.  Get More Info HERE!

Offer Geared For Power Lead Members

Lead Generation Academy is geared for Power Lead System members and to participate in the program you first must join the Power Lead System.  This can be done through the sales page with their free trial membership offer.

After joining PLS you can become a member of LGA and take full advantage of these trainings.  Whatever your business, I think you are going to find value here.

Check Out LGA Today

To see if the Lead Generation Academy is right for you, click my link below.  Watch the video on the presentation page and see what you think.  I was sceptical at first, but once I saw the value in this program…I was sold.  I think you might be too.

Check Out LGA Today  


Success With PLS Series Overview: Amanda’s Story

Amanda Wray was a single mom with no prior online marketing experience who went on to become a big earner in Power Lead System. 

Affiliate Disclosure:

This will be an unusual series of articles for me to write as I will be giving an overview of sales funnels I made myself using tools and videos provided to me by the Power Lead System.  Be aware also that I am an affiliate of the Power Lead System.  So naturally I would love for you to buy into this program…but only if it is right for you.

Enter page 1 of the funnel HERE.  

Amanda’s Story

Meet Amanda Wray, a single mother who was searching for a way to earn money from home.  After spending some time searching the internet she stumbled upon a YouTube video talking about the Power Lead System.  She became interested and started spending more time learning about PLS.

After a while she decided to join PLS and was fortunate enough to have a sponsor who guided her through the first few months of her Power Lead System journey.  She followed her sponsor’s guidance, used the training provided in the system and started to send traffic to her affiliate sales funnel.  She started to make sales and became very proactive in reaching out to her new members, offering them guidance on how to get started and become successful with the system.

At the time of the making of the video used in this sales funnel, Amanda had made $90,000 using the system.  That is spread out over a 2 1/2 year period.  At startup she had no prior online marketing experience.  But she took her time to go over the trainings learning how to do the task at hand, and then went into action doing the work and teaching others to do likewise.  As a result she built a team of people who were able to join, upgrade, remain active in the system and replicate her success.  She now has a far more happy and comfortable lifestyle enjoying financial independence and freedom.

A very inspiring story of success.

Endless Free Leads Training

One powerful tool that Amanda credits part of her success to is the Endless Free Leads Training provided in PLS at the Gold membership level.  This training by Max Steingart is a social media marketing course teaching people the right way to reach out to others online.  So many people fail at social media marketing because they all tend to make the same annoying mistakes.  Max teaches you how to avoid these mistakes and start doing business the right way online.  Most top marketers in PLS have used this training and recommend it to others.

This is a product of tremendous value once you have learned to master the art.

24/7 Viral Cash

After Amanda’s story the second page of the sales funnel goes into an explanation of the Power Lead System entitled “24/7 Viral Cash.”  This section of the sales funnel features a professionally done video with all the bells and whistles singing the virtues of the Power Lead System.

See a copy of the video HERE.

The video page makes a bold claim that many will doubt.  That claim being that by using the system you can be earning money off of the work of hundreds or even thousands of people.  And, while the overall claim is correct, there is an important catch.

What’s The Catch?

The important catch to this claim is that YOU have to get the process rolling by forming your team…much as Amanda Wray did.  You can not just sit back, pay your membership dues and expect the money to start rolling into your pockets.  You have to be active learning how to recruit others, driving traffic to your links and following up with the people who opt-in to your offers.  Without taking this level of action, the affiliate can expect to earn 0.  But, by being proactive and doing the work needed to build your teams and helping your affiliates to build theirs, the sky can be the limit and a passive residual income can be achieved.

In PLS, as in other Network Marketing opportunities, Results Are Not Typical!  Your results will definitely vary.  I have seen people in this system become high 5 figure earners like Amanda.  I have seen others obtain 6 and 7 figure results.  And I have seen many others fail to make any significant sales at all.  What’s the difference?  Basically mindset, work ethic, trainability and the ability to use the training provided and follow instructions…among other factors.

In short anyone can learn to do Network Marketing, but not everybody will.  Clearly this offer, which seems to be rather fantastic (and I believe it is…for the right person) is not for everybody.  But some will find tremendous value here.  That is why there is a 7 Day Free Trial Membership offer to allow people to try it out and decide for themselves.

Power Lead System Products

The 24/7 Viral Cash video presentation does a good job of briefly detailing the products available in PLS.  These are tools that online marketers and entrepreneurs may well need in their businesses.

These products include:

Sales Funnels
Lead Capture Pages
Sales Pages
Email Marketing Campaigns
An Autoresponder
Online Postcards
Training at multiple levels
And more.

I have been a member of PLS since late 2018, and have made use of many of these tools.  And one can use these tools either as a Customer ($30 monthly fee) or as a Gold level affiliate ($53.97 monthly fee) or higher.  As a customer you may use these tools to promote any online business or opportunity.  As an affiliate you may do the same and you qualify for additional training (Endless Free Leads Mobile) and, of course, the Comp Plan.

The PLS Comp Plan

The final video presentation in this sales funnel is one made by Jeff Mills giving a great explanation of the Power Lead System Compensation Plan.  The video shows the earning potential which opens up when one first joins as a Gold level affiliate.  This includes $20 commissions when you bring in a paying customer or affiliate, and a 50% matching bonus paid based on the monthly earnings of every affiliate you bring into the system.  And, while there is no guarantee you will make any money as an affiliate (remember, results are not typical) there is a tremendous earning potential for those who learn and apply the lessons available in this system.

And Gold is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are other membership levels people can advance to, each with it’s own perks, rewards and compensation packages.  Once one has figured out the Gold level, advancement to higher levels is encouraged, but not mandatory.   I will explore these other levels in future articles.

See a copy of the comp plan video HERE.

7 Day Free Trial Offer

This funnel ends with a 7 Day Free Trial Offer.  Get in at the Gold level for 7 days free.  After that, if you decide to keep PLS you will be charged $53.97 monthly for the Gold membership.  Or you can decide to use the system as a customer only and pay $30 per month.  Or you can decide to cancel membership and owe nothing.  It’s all up to you.

How I Rate The Funnel

How do I rate the sales funnel I just walked you through?  Well, over all, I like it.  But, then again I have to like it seeing as how I put the thing together using PLS tools and videos.  The real question is What Do YOU Think?  Let me know in the comment section below.

But, what I will say about this funnel is that it is but a small illustration of what can be done using PLS tools.  Before joining the system I had never designed a sales funnel in my life.  But using the tools and training provided by PLS, my confidence in designing and promoting sales funnels has grown…and is continuing to grow.

Parting Thoughts

Even though some of the PLS material may seem like a lot of hype (24/7 Viral Cash Video is one example) I have found a lot of value in this program; in it’s products, training and compensation plan.  I have seen how some people have become top earners using this program.  Now…I have decided to become one myself.  Care to join me?

Suffice it to say there is great earnings potential in the Power Lead System for the right people with the right mindset or those willing to learn.  And, with that being said, the system is clearly not for everybody.  But, those willing to put in the effort required may see great rewards over time.  Again, results are not typical, but great results can be achieved.  The variance is up to you.

So, if you would like to see for yourself if the system is right for you, you can start your journey by clicking the first page of this sales funnel, follow it through to the end, and sign up for a 7 Day Free Trial Membership.  Then see for yourself what you think.

Get Your Journey Started HERE.    

To Your Success,

Power Lead System Update: Cash Now Funnel

The Cash Now Funnel: Newly updated funnel and training for the Power Lead System.

The Power Lead System has been around for a few years now, and has been needing some new updates.  Well, Frank Calabro Jr just gave the system a new update, and he really outdid himself on this one.

In the new Cash Now Funnel Frank tells his story of how he got started in online marketing.  He went from being broke to becoming a 6 figure earner with the help of the Power Lead System and some good guidance from his sponsor.  He then went on to become an online millionaire.  And in the Fast Start Training included in the Cash Now Funnel, Frank teaches you how he did it…and how you can too.

Step By Step Training.

After sharing his story in the introductory video, Frank gets into a detailed step by step Fast Start Training detailing how to join Power Lead System as a Gold Level Member for only $1 for 14 days.  The regular cost of Gold is $53.97 per month.  But in this incredible trial offer beginners are given this same level of membership for their first 14 days for only a dollar.  Time enough to get going and find your footing in the system.  Frank walks you through the process point by point in full detail.

The Power of Gold.

Frank also gives an insightful explanation about what Gold membership is.  In a nutshell, the Gold Level is where the opening magic of the Power Lead System compensation plan takes place, and it is powerful.  When you bring in another person at the Gold Level and they pay their full monthly membership dues of 53.97, you earn a $20 commission for that first month and every month thereafter that your referral stays at the Gold Level.

And it gets better.

When your referral starts making Gold Level sales of their own, you earn a 50% monthly bonus based on their payline.  So, for sake of example, if you bring in a Gold Level member who then starts making sales of say $500 per month, your monthly bonus would be $250.  If they start earning $2000 per month in Gold Level sales, your bonus would be $1000.  And the beauty of this plan is that you can earn not just from one or two of your referrals, but from every Gold Level affiliate you bring into the system.  So you see it pays you to bring good marketers onto your team and help to set them up for success.  Because when they succeed, you succeed.

Of course results are not typical, and these examples are just used for the sake of illustration.  Your results will vary based on your own work ethic and other factors.  But the potential for growth at the Gold Level is powerful.

And there are other membership levels you can join in Power Lead System that provide you with more training resources and greater levels of compensation.  I will go into a fuller discussion of these levels in later overviews.  But Frank explains these levels in greater detail in the videos included in the funnel experience.

A Sustainable System.

Sounds great right?  But is the system sustainable?

Power Lead System has been around for several years paying out weekly payments and monthly bonuses like clockwork.  The cost of the compensation plan is factored into the $53.97 membership fee.  This is no fly-by-night.  But rather a seasoned program which provides excellent value.

The Products.

So what else do you get with the Power Lead System besides one of the best compensation plans I’ve seen?  Power Lead System provides a suite of internet marketing tools entrepreneurs need to start doing business online.

You Get:

Customizable Lead Capture Pages
Customizable Sales Pages
An Autoresponder
Customizable Email Campaigns
Training at multiple levels
Group Support

And more!

If you want to get started in online marketing, the Power Lead System can be an excellent place to begin.

How Do I Know If Power Lead System Is Right For Me?

Just hop on in and give it a try.  Not everyone is cut out to be an online entrepreneur.  But, if you think you are ready to make positive change in your life you can watch the sales presentation and see what you think.  And then, if you decide to try Power Lead System out at the Gold Level for 14 days, the cost to you is only $1.  If you decide the program is not for you, simply cancel out before the end of your 14 day trial period and owe nothing further.

Take the first step by clicking the link below:

The Cash Now Funnel 



Changing Your Future Outcome

Take Charge of Your Life With CTFO

When it comes to matters of health and wealth, many choose to let things slide.  People trust the doctors with their health and the government with their economic well being.  Very few take a more proactive stance and do what they can to become an active participant in their own lives.

By taking better care of ourselves through diet, supplements and exercise we can create a healthier future for ourselves where we do not need to rely on the doctor to “fix us” so often.  By taking better care of our finances through being more proactive in our own wealth creation, we can take charge of our own money and become financially free and independent no matter what the government does or does not do.  And by getting our health in better shape and our finances in order, we can have more time to focus on matters of the heart and actually start enjoying life.  Wouldn’t that be a better outcome?

This is what CTFO is about.  Helping people to Change The Future Outcome and build better lives in regards to health, wealth and happiness.

What Is CTFO?

CTFO is a direct sales health and wellness company which has become a leader in the booming CBDa industry.  CTFO has high quality products including CBDa drops, vitamin supplements and CBDa Gourmet Coffee.  These products come with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can try them risk free.

CTFO also has a business opportunity for those wanting to build their own CBDa business.  Join as an associate and you unlock wholesale pricing on all CTFO products.  You also get your own done for you websites and have access to one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the direct sales industry.  During a time period in which CBDa is expected to grow in popularity and use, joining CTFO as an associate A.S.A.P. is a no-brainer.

If you would like to check out CTFO for yourself, use the links below to get started.

See Ya There,

CTFO Products Page

CTFO Business Opportunity Page

CTFO Gourmet CBDa Coffee

Turn Your Haters Into Propellant.

It’s easy to get stalled out after getting negative feedback, especially from those closest to you.  What I have found is this;  it is possible and effective to take that criticism and turn it into rocket fuel for your business.

Adopt a mindset of “I’m going to show you.”

If someone laughs at your business dreams and goals think “Just wait until I get this thing off the ground and I show you a copy of my paycheck.  Let’s see who’s laughing then.”

Stay focused.  Keep your eye on the long term goals and follow through on daily activities.

Your Daily Routine As An Entrepreneur


The dream of running your own business and being your own boss is one many of us share.  But what steps can you take to be sure you are running things well once you open up shop?

In the podcast above I go through a list of things beginning entrepreneurs should focus on each day to make sure they are taking care of business, and taking care of themselves at the same time.

A daily routine helps in giving you direction and purpose in your business.  It will also help you to avoid putting things off until tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that…and never getting done what needs to be done today.

A daily routine for success will vary from one business model to the next.  So feel free to take what you see and hear in this article and adapt it to fit your own growth and business needs.

What follows is a list of things I suggest a beginning entrepreneur does on a daily basis to help him/her grow as an independent business person.  Use these suggestions as you see fit, adapting them to your needs and circumstances.

  1. Wake Up With An Attitude Of Gratitude.
  2. Pray/Meditate.  Listen To Uplifting Music.
  3. Do Inspirational Reading.  Motivate Yourself To Succeed.
  4. Get Proper Rest, Nutrition and Exercise.
  5. Work Your Business Faithfully.  Keep Scheduled Appointments.
  6. Generate New Clients and Prospects Everyday Via Prospecting and Social Media Marketing.
  7. Do Your Daily Income Producing Activity Consistently.  Same Time Everyday.
  8. Create Regular Social Media Content Promoting Your Brand/Business.
  9. End The Day With Gratitude.

A complete explanation of each suggestion will be found by listening to the podcast above.

By adopting a regular daily routine that works for you and your business, you can begin to see consistent sales and growth in your Home Based Business enterprises.

To Your Continued Success,
-Ralph Lindy

Keep Moving Forward…

Where do you want to be tomorrow?

Many have dreams of success.  But success does not happen by just dreaming about it.  You must make plans and take consistent actions.  What actions have you taken today to reach your goals?